Benedictine Heritage Study Tour

 The purpose of the Benedictine Heritage Study Tour is to help employees deepen their understanding of our Catholic Benedictine heritage.  The tours provide an opportunity to personally encounter the historic Italian and Bavarian sites to which the Benedictine communities of Saint John’s and Saint Benedict’s trace their origins. 


 2014 Benedictine Heritage Study Tour Participants

May 19th-30th, 2014


Erik Aschenbeck                                          Admissions Office

Raj Chaphalkar                                            Institutional Advancement

Andy Dirksen                                               Res. Life/Intercultural Studies

Marie Eli                                                       Institutional Advancement

Chick Hardy - Co-director                        Benedictine Institute

Mary Ann Haws                                           SJU President's Office

Terry Johnson                                             Education Department

Kelly Kraemer                                              Peace Studies

Derek Larson                                               Environmental Studies

Scott Murphy                                               Art Department

Stacy Penk                                                    McCarthy Center

Tom Stock                                                     Athletics

Joe Schneeweis, OSB - Co-director         SJU Abby/Benedictine Institute

John Walz                                                     Abbey Housekeeping