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Faculty members offering Asian studies courses bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their teaching. Through extensive travel or residence in Asia, the professors have developed a deep personal acquaintance with the region. They are committed to sharing their knowledge and to preparing CSB/SJU students for the future. By meeting one-on-one with students, faculty members are able to help them explore possible careers and assess which courses will best help students meet their academic and professional objectives.

John Armajani
John Armajani
Associate Professor of Theology
Main 428, CSB
320 363 5941

Carol Brash
Carol Brash
Associate Professor of History
Art Center 110, SJU
320 363 2867

Richard Bresnahan
Richard Bresnahan
SJU Pottery, Joe Basement
320 363 2930

Limei DanzeisenLimei Danzeisen
Adjunct Instructor of
Chinese Language
Richarda P4
320 363 5385

Jeff Dubois
Jeffrey Dubois
Assistant Professor of 
Richarda P7, CSB
320 363 5188

William DuPont
William Dupont
Assistant Professor,
Main 346, CSB
320 363 5244

John Friend
John Friend
Visiting Asst. Professor, Political Science
Simons 116, SJU
320 363 2158

Sophia Geng
Sophia Geng
Associate Professor of Chinese Director,
Asian Studies Program 
Richarda P17, CSB
320 363 5786

John Hasselberg
John Hasselberg
Professor of Global Business Leadership
Simons 132, SJU
320 363 2965

Jean Lavigne
Jean Lavigne
Associate Professor of
Environmental Studies
NewSc 114, SJU
320 363 3994

Paul Marsnik
Paul Marsnik
Professor of Global
Business Leadership
Simons 214, SJU
320 363 2033

Madhu Mitra
Madhu Mitra
Professor of English
Richarda P28, CSB
320 363 5152

Kingshuk Mukherjee
Assistant Professor, Global Business Leadership
Main 355, CSB
320 363 5419

Sucharita Mukherjee

Sucharita Sinha Mukherjee

Associate Professor of Economics
Main 346, CSB
320 363 5259

Rui Oliveira
Rui Oliveira
Visiting Assistant
Professor, Global Business
Simons 205, SJU
320 363 2178

Ellie Perelman
Elisheva Perelman
Assistant Professor, History Department
Richarda N4, CSB
320 363 5918

Christi Siver
Christi Siver
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Simons 152, SJU
320 363 2250

Diana Simons
Diana Symons
Administrative Staff/Asian StudiesLibrarian
Clemens Library A108, CSB
320 363 5296

Chuck Wright
Charles Wright
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Quad 359C
320 363 3980