Anticipate possible changes due to Affordable Care Act

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, health insurance plans are now required to cover some preventative services, including routine vaccines, without cost sharing. CSB students can access preventative services via CSB Health Services. If they do, these services can be billed to CSB Students Accounts (CSB Health Services does not submit to health insurance plans).

However, it is important for students and parents to know that doing so may result in their insurance companies not fully covering these expenses. The reason is that the law allows health insurance plans to require these preventative services to be provided by "in-network" or "preferred" providers in order to be eligible for 100 percent coverage/reimbursement. The only health insurance plan for which CSB Health Services is considered an in-network provider is the Student Assurance Services plan offered in collaboration with CSB.  Aspects of health insurance coverage, such as this one, make it even more important for students and parents to understand their insurance coverage — contact your health insurance carrier to discuss any questions you have about your plan and preventative services.

Please know that CSB Health Services has been informing students of this aspect of the Affordable Care Act, and encouraging them to contact their insurance companies by calling the phone number printed on the back of the insurance cards.

SJU Parents: this information may also apply to SJU students who receive their care via the HealthPartners - Saint John's Clinic, the fee for service clinic located on the SJU campus.