Really Cool Careers

Emily Heinz Bina '11

HuffPost Live Producer, New York City

The 2011 CSB graduate is situated in the swarm of New York City, working as a producer at HuffPost Live, an internet-based video streaming network run by The Huffington Post.

"Right now, my career is better than I could have envisioned. I work with brilliant people who have unique perspectives in the most interesting city in the world," Bina said. "I don't think, at 25, it gets much better than that." 

Colette S. Peters '93

Director, Oregon Department of Corrections 

"As the first female director of the Department of Corrections, I do feel that it is an honor, but I do know the responsibilities that come with that," Peters said. "I think even though every leader has the responsibility to - as I said - hire the best and the brightest and most diverse work force, I think that bar is raised for me."


Lt. Col. Mark Vande Hei '89

NASA astronaut

"I'm pretty confident that I'm going to get the chance to fly to the space station, largely because there's been so much effort already put into getting me ready to do that," Vande Hei said. "That's why I was hired. It's not a good investment if they hire folks like me and don't get us up on the space station. So, I fully expect to do that."


Michael Hayden '87 and Carla Noack '89 

Acclaimed actors

"I would just encourage students to take advantage of everything that is here, to see all the dance companies and shows and operas that come through here, but also to really take their time here by the horns and get involved," Noack said. "It's pretty easy as a theater major to spend all of your time here in the BAC, and I think that's a wonderful part of an education in theater. But I think what I've learned over the years is just what CSB/SJU taught me about getting involved in life." 

Trent Kirchner '00

Asst. Director of Pro Personnel, Seattle Seahawks

Kirchner attended school in Fulda, a town of 1,300 in southwestern Minnesota three hours from Collegeville and a million miles from the NFL. By the time Kirchner arrived in Collegeville, he was set on having a life in sports. Although he researched sports agents and spent a summer working with the Twins, Kirchner focused on football, his first love.