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Raft U Contest


We're looking for new scenes to film at Raft U and need your help. Jump on in, and submit your ideas!

Contest Winner

The winner of the Summer 2011 contest is Kim Holden Goetzinger who suggested we turn the raft into the CSB/SJU shuttle bus, The Link. Congratulations, Kim. Stay tuned for the Summer of 2012 contest!


Winners will receive a framed photo of the completed work, credit on the Raft U website, and a $100 Target gift card.

Entry Submission

Submit a summary of your scene on the CSB/SJU Facebook Page. In addition, you may e-mail us a longer description at [email protected]


Entries will be judged and winners determined based on these criteria:

  1. Audacity
  2. Visual appeal (based on photo and video)
  3. Connection to CSB/SJU brand/mission
  4. Feasiblity

Example Entry

FACEBOOK: Golfing on the raft: set the raft up as golf green and have a group of hackers (perhaps well-known individuals from the campus) hitting (floating) golf balls towards the raft. They watch in dismay as all the balls splashing into the water and have a diver in the water being filmed with a waterproof camera ... showing collection of balls. Then, have a Johnnie varsity golfer with SJU golf bag and have him tee up one ball and effortlessly land ball on green (would be great if we could figure out way to have ball trickle into hole).

ADDITIONAL VIA E-MAIL: A variation could include: Johnnie golfer hitting dozens of ball toward the green and then showing the green littered with all the balls. Another variation could include the Johnnie golfer grabbing his putter, diving in and swimming out to the raft. There, he emerges, walks up to his ball and taps it into the hole. Other notes: use green indoor/outdoor carpeting for the green. Get a real flag from a golf course and some tee box markers. Temporarily replace one of the raft's anchor doors with another piece of board that has a hole cut out and the green's cup inserted.