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Academics at Raft U



Engaged Learning

At Raft U, engaging classrooms transport CSB/SJU students down the river of academic rigor, and provide the perfect platform from which they can explore the depths of challenging topics.

Because all classes and labs are led by professors (not teaching assistants), our students know their academic raft is being steered by a well-seasoned captain who is prepared to guide them through the rapids and around the waterfalls they may encounter on their way!

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Academic Videos

The making of the Raft U Academics shot

Did we really haul 16 desks, a chalkboard, a table and a professor to Raft U to teach a class? Yes, we did. At CSB/SJU we'll do anything to make sure our classes are small, engaging and creative. Just ask Dr. Derek Larson, the CSB/SJU environmental studies professor teaching that class.

The Raft at CSB/SJU


Academics at CSB/SJU

  • U.S. News includes CSB/SJU among only 39 liberal arts colleges in its list of  institutions that do the best job of teaching undergraduate students.
  • All CSB/SJU students complete an internship, independent research, or other experiential learning project as a requirement for graduation.
  • CSB/SJU have an average class size of only 20 students and a low student-faculty ratio of 12:1.

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