English Language Proficiency (TOEFL)

1. Students who have a TOEFL iBT score of 80 or higher when applying for admission will be interviewed by an English as Second Language (ESL) instructor before classes begin to determine speaking proficiency in English.  Students may be required to take ESL courses in order to fulfill the Global Language Proficiency requirement.

2. Students who submit a TOEFL iBT score lower than 80 when applying for admission will complete (with a grade of C or better) two semesters of ESL at CSB/SJU.

For additional information about recommended intensive English ESL programs, contact:

Mr. Alex Schleper
Director of International Admission
CSB/SJU Admission Office
2850 Abbey Plaza
PO Box 7155
Collegeville, MN 56321-7155
Fax: 320-363-3206
Email: aschleper@csbsju.edu

If you have questions about TOEFL, contact:

Fax: 609-771-7500

ELS Language Centers

International students needing intensive English instruction prior to enrollment are referred to one of the 45 ELS Language Centers in the United States. Completion of level 112 is accepted as proof of English proficiency. The nearest ELS language center to CSB/SJU is located in St. Paul, Minnesota (a 1.5 hour drive from CSB/SJU) but students may attend any of the centers across the country. For more information contact Elaine Matyi at the ELS program at: ematyi@st.thomas.edu or at 651-962-5990 (phone) or 651-962-5991 (fax).