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Meet and Email the Admission Staff

Admission Representatives

Photo of Tony Amelse

Meet Tony Amelse
Associate Director of Admission
CSB/SJU Athletic Liaison
Territory: Twin Cities

Photo of Erik Aschenbeck

Meet Erik Aschenbeck
Assistant Director of Admission/Events Planner
CSB/SJU Club Sports Liaison, YTM Liaison
Territory: Central Minn. and Twin Cities

PHoto of Karen BackesMeet Karen Backes
Dean of Admission
Human Resource Management
Territory: Blake School, Breck School, Minnehaha Academy, Mounds Park Academy, Saint John's Prep School, St. Paul Academy and Summit School, Trinity School at River Ridge, Kansas and Missouri

Photo of Matt BeirneMeet Matt Beirne
Director of Admission
ROTC Liaison
Territory: Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Virginia and select schools in Los Angeles

Photo of Laurie CallawayLaurie Callaway
California Regional Admission Representative
Territory: California and New York

Photo of Katie CampbellMeet Katie (McCarney) Campbell
Assistant Director of Admission
Fine Arts Liaison, Honors Program Liaison, NCYC Liaison, All-State Music Camps Liaison
Territory: Twin Cities, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Home School Recruitment

Photo of Matt DavisMeet Matt Davis
Admission Representative

Territory: Twin Cities, New Jersey and Texas

Photo of Teri DurbinMeet Teri Durbin
Senior Associate Director of Admission, Transfer and Readmit Student Coordinator
CSB Office Management, transfer and readmit students and St. Cloud Cathedral

Photo of Carol Gadd-MarshallMeet Carol Gadd-Marshall
Assistant Director of Admission
Territory: Twin Cities, St. Cloud (Sartell and Sauk Rapids-Rice HS), Ohio and Indiana

Photo of Anne KaluzaMeet Anne Kaluza
Financial Aid Counselor/Admission Representative
FoCuS Scholarship Liaison
Territory: Select Central Minnesota high schools: Albany, Alexandria, Holdingford, Little Falls, Melrose, ROCORI, and Upsala

Staff PhotoMeet Kaitlyn Ludlow
Admission Representative Intern
Territory: Iowa

Photo of Abby (Kephart) MienkeMeet Abby Meinke
Admission Representative
Admission Ambassador Liaison
Territory: Southwestern Minnesota

Photo of Sarah MurnaneMeet Sarah Abraham Murnane
Chicago Regional Admission Representative
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio

Photo of Mike OrtsMeet Mike Orts
Admission Representative
SJU Alumni Liaison
Territory: Twin Cities, Arizona, Louisiana and North Dakota

Photo of Ben PrecourtMeet Ben Precourt
Admission Representative
Territory: Twin Cities, Wisconsin

Staff PhotoMeet Carliene Quist
Admission Representative
Territory: Southeastern, Minnesota

Photo of Cory Becker-KimMeet Cory Becker-Kim
Admission Representative
Territory: Twin Cities

PHoto of Alex SchleperMeet Alex Schleper
Director of International Admission
Territory: Puerto Rico, Guam, all international (F-1) students worldwide and U.S. students living abroad

Photo of Sarah SimpsonMeet Sarah Simpson
Associate Director of Admission/Marketing
Territory: Northern Minnesota

Photo of Malik StewartMeet Malik Stewart
Admission Representative
Intercultural LEAD Liaison
Territory: Twin Cities, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota

Photo of Laura StorkMeet Laura Stork
Assistant Director of Admission
Territory: Alabama, Arkansas, Flroida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming and select schools in Central Minnesota

PHoto of Tom VollerMeet Tom Voller-Berdan
Executive Director of Admission/Marketing
Publications, Advertising, Marketing and Web Coordination
Territory: Duluth area schools and Alaska

Admission Staff

Deb Baggenstoss
Application Processing for SJU

Robin Bautch
Direct Mail Coordination

Photo of Angie ArensMeet Angie Arens
CSB Office Coordinator; sets up personal visits at CSB

Photo of Peggy BoettcherMeet Peggy Boettcher
SJU Office Coordinator; sets up personal visits at SJU

Karen Knutson
Enrollment Research

Mary Ruble
Information Systems Management, Marketing and Direct Mail

Cheryl Schlangen
Application Processing for CSB/SJU

Bev Then
Application Processing for CSB/SJU

Cal Mosley
Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid

Kay Richter
Assistant to Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid

Mary Ellen Sullivan
International Recruitment Assistant