Mission Statement

The Accounting and Finance Department's mission is to educate accountants and finance professionals who are prepared for a dynamic and changing world. The mission encompasses two primary areas:

Goal 1:  Technical Competence.  Students will illustrate their competence in accounting, finance and other business skills appropriate to their academic and vocational goals by:

  • 1.1:         Demonstrating knowledge of the conceptual frameworks  that form the bases of IFRS and US GAAP and their role in the development of accounting policy;
  • 1.2:         Demonstrating proficiency in the application of accounting principles and procedures through the study and use of accounting policies and procedures;
  • 1.3:         Demonstrating proficiency in gathering and analyzing financial data through the use of technology; and
  • 1.4:         Demonstrating proficiency in the application of accounting, finance and general business skills to problem analysis and resolution.

Goal 2:  Critical Thinking and Communication Skills. Students will show a solid ability to think critically about accounting, finance and business issues and to communicate those issues effectively to interested parties by:

  • 2.1:         Demonstrating effective oral and written communication skills;
  • 2.2:         Demonstrating interpersonal skills necessary to function effectively as part of a team;
  • 2.3:         Demonstrating the ability to identify issues and solve problems through the use of  sound analytical thinking; and
  • 2.4:         Demonstrating the ability to research issues, identify potential additional issues, and critically evaluate alternatives.