Michael Kremer

Incentives, Institutions and Development Assistance

Clemens Lecture Series 15, 2003

Dr. Michael Kremer received his Ph.D from Harvard University in 1992 and is currently Professor of Economics at Harvard and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. Dr. Kremer previously served as a teacher in Kenya (1985-86), founded WorldTeach, a non-proft organization which places one hundred volunteer teachers annually in developing countries (1986-89) and taught at both the University of Chicago and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been a National Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University (1994-95) and a recipient of both a MacArthur "genius" fellowship and a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. Dr. Kremer's recent research includes work on the evaluation of health and educational programs and incentives for research and development on malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and other diseases affecting developing countries.