CAMPUS ALERT: Due to the weather, all evening classes at CSB and SJU are canceled. The LINK bus will run on its regular schedule until 5 p.m. and then every hour on the hour for the remainder of the evening, weather permitting. Pre-scheduled campus and community events and college/university sponsored events scheduled at off campus locations may continue at the discretion of the divisional VP.

2011-2012 Academic Catalog

Students must fulfill the general graduation requirements of the catalog in effect when they enroll in the colleges. If those requirements later change, provision will be made in implementing the new requirements, or by specific exemption, to allow currently enrolled students to graduate in a timely fashion.

Students may choose to satisfy the specific academic major requirements of any catalog which is in effect during their years of study in the colleges. However, they must fulfill all of the requirements for the academic major in the catalog which they select.

Preface: Two Colleges, One Education
An explanation of the unique relationship between Saint John's University and the College of Saint Benedict.

Coordinate Mission, Values and Vision
A single statement of mission, values, and vision for the future which guides the colleges in planning.

Undergraduate Learning Goals and Objectives
A breakdown of objectives each institution, both independently and combined, strives to impart to every graduate.

The College of Saint Benedict: An Overview
A philosophical and practical breakdown of the components that make up The College of Saint Benedict.

Saint John's University: An Overview
A philosophical and practical breakdown of the components that make up Saint John's University.