Chapter 11: Chair Responsibilities - Certain Legal Matters

Chairs have a leadership role and responsibility for reporting safety and legal issues in their respective departments to Academic Affairs Administration or HR. Such issues may include an injury/work comp claim, Family/Medical Leave request, inappropriate/fraudulent conduct, or other matters.

Faculty, employee or student injury reports can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety web site. This site also contains information regarding Biological, Chemical, Environmental Management, and Occupational Health and Safety.

All employees, including department chairs, have a responsibility to report unethical or improper conduct, which can be done via the Ethics Point site .

If as a chair, there are any doubts regarding a potential issue, seek advice. Among great sources of information, Chairs may consider:

  • Human Resource Office
  • Associate Provost/Academic Dean
  • Life Safety
  • Information Technology

Last updated: October 2013