Presidential Transition Team

Board Chair Charge to Presidential Transition Team


The Board of Trustees believes a successful presidential transition from the current president MaryAnn Baenninger to new president Mary Hinton is essential.  The Board Chair has created a transition team for the purpose of planning a successful transition of the outgoing and incoming president and planning the first year of the new president that maximizes this opportunity. 


The charge to the Presidential Transition Committee is to develop a transition plan with a variety of key activities to be accomplished within the transition period (March 26-June 30, 2014) and the first year of the new president (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015). The transition team will create a transition plan that will help the incoming president become familiar with important contacts and relationships, the college culture, and the greater community. The team will identify key goals and activities to accomplish those goals. A primary focus of the plan will be to facilitate a collaborative and inclusive transition process for Mary Hinton. The plan will be designed to build mutual trust with internal and external communities, and to ensure transparency and open communication throughout and beyond the transition process, which will include providing the Board of Trustees and other stakeholders with regular updates on the progress of the transition. 

Team Composition

The transition team will be composed of members who represent a wide variety of stakeholders.  It will be chaired by a trustee and senior administrator and include three additional trustees, four additional senior administrators, two faculty members, the student senate president, a member of the monastery and the alumnae board president.

The transition team is an advisory group. Implementation of the transition plan will be the responsibility of appropriate College groups and individuals, as specified in the plan.